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Fake Life on Internet

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Hi ! its pulkit mohan singla , today talking about fake life on internet
I always loved chatting,always loved to meet new people from different backgrounds and different countries. But never thought about its darker side. It feels awesome to know people from different areas ,and about them and their diversity.

It really makes you connected to the whole world. and you sometimes even feel like a star that so many people know you and we keep on adding and adding on without even knowing whom we are adding.

In our big friends circle we get some very good friends who we think are lucky for us to have them and we really get so close to them that we get connected to them even at emotional level.We start giving priorities to them. We really add them in our life. But i think thats theworst think we do.

I made many friends on internet and some of them were really so selective and i found them unique. They were really my cup of tea. I remember i used to chat with them everyday and soon phone numbers exchanged and i really wished to meet every of them who i liked. Some were away from gurgaon so it was hard for them to come but some were in gurgaon itself. I was feeling lucky.

But i didnt know the real boom behind all this internet game. My biggest mistake was that i was emotinally connected to them. I trusted them like anything because they were so so good to me.If anyone commnicates with you in polite manner and give you the respect which you seek for then i really wish whom so ever would be at my place would feel great in having them.

I even met many of the friends at hotels and at clubs whom i was introduced on internet. When any person comes in contact with you in real then anyone at my place would probably trust the person. I am a very emotional and sentimental guy ,i never learnt the tactics of being arty or plastic.

I even dont know how to show off or make anyone jealous. I am an open book to everyone. So i was to them as well. I remember some of...


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