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Where Should We Live; Rural or Urban Areas ?

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Where should we live; rural or urban areas ?

We are living in a global village where what happens in one part of the world affects people on the other side of the world and everything is money. Nevertheless, some parts have stronger effect than others. Especially, rural areas. It’s highly debatable where we live. In order to better understand where is a better place to live. Let us compare those two areas.

To begin with, rural areas are smaller than urban areas. In other words, not many people live in rural areas. According to 2008 statistics, 75 % people live in urban areas. Therefore, the air in the countryside is cleaner, specifically owing to the fact that there are not many factories there, especially the ones processing is hazardous chemicals. They emit polluting gases, for instance, chloroform carbon gases, harmful carbon gases. Thus, average life expectancy in countryside is approximately 80 years, whereas it is around 75 years in cities.
Secondly, consumption of GM foods, which helps us to grow our fruitful crops, is getting higher. GM foods is claimed to cause many ailments by scientists. Therefore, rural areas help us to find out this problem. We can produce own vegetables and fruit if the climate is suitable for them. Consequently, we keep our most important treasure; needless to say our health.
Everything has both negative and positive sides even though; some circumstances are better in rural areas, urban areas are better in some issues.

        Firstly, nowadays knowledge is a power. Reaching knowledge is easy in countryside because, they have fast internet connection, very big libraries, which contain plenty of books. You find out whatever you want there in the blink of an eye. Nonetheless, reaching knowledge is hard. As well as, education is the most monumental. In urban areas, there might be plenty of education centers. You can choose where to attend whereas; there are solely a few preferences in countryside. Briefly, living in...


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