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The Killer Angels Analysis

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Charles Bobo Bostic III

In many men’s life there is a part of them that wants to be a leader in different parts of life. I find myself in the top rank of that category when it comes down to being not just a leader but an effective leader. Whether it’s on the football field, in the classroom or at home, I am a leader. Leadership plays a huge role in the outcome of a man’s future. Every young man should possess leadership whether it’s in the workforce, sports or whatever it may be. One should possess leadership! It’s a way of life and could be the key to open many doors for one’s future. Leadership can be strongly defined as: A trait that should be possessed by everyone where that person stands up and leads the pack.

In the novel The Killer Angels, I view General Lee as a mediocre leader in this particular war. During the war General Lee was caught in the thought of his wife’s death which caused blocks in his mind that he did overcome eventually. He wouldn’t demand prompt orders nor did he have any thrust in his voice. He was a laid back General waiting for his time to end. On the other hand, General Lee was one of the best Generals in the war. He made long and wise decisions and was precise on his findings. I would not consider General Lee as an effective leader but I would describe him as a wise General.


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