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What Is Your Opinion About a Success of a Team: Does It Depend on Mental Attitude of the Whole Team or on the Strongest Individuals?

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People often tend to join a team in which they have similar preferences and temperaments with other members. A group would also tend to choose people who meet its own features and specifications. In this case, the two sides mutually choose each other with naturally led to members of the group have a similar background and experience, common aspirations and expectations. The same attitude and interests create a super team from the homogenization of features, which enhance the understanding of each other and reduce the communication barriers or coordination costs, leading to the increase in team cohesion and concentration of action. A good example is Copenhagen school.
The shortcoming of group attitude in this way is a single and narrow thinking model. Its efficiency would depend on whether the groupthink adapt to the task environment. When facing a relatively regular and stable task, group consensus can reduce the sprawling harassments and reach a common understanding of conduct model. However, in a complex of uncertain situation and unexpected challenges, groupthink would be somewhat less constructive. Then the action should be implemented on basis of a wisdom crystallization of the ruling elites. At this point the groupthink is primarily a thinking of elite members, or even a personal idea of a group or organization leaders. It would be the dominant members impose personal views and value preferences on the entire team. Just like Bernard Shaw said: If the soldiers begin to think, they would have run away.
A super group is always courageous and executive. In addition, the prerequisite of success is the capabilities suiting the environment changes. The characteristic of groupthink is often a herd instinct. All people would follow the elites who are in a strong dominant position. Unless forming completely natural, groupthink in most cases is a kind of blind obedience. Therefore, for the leaders of the executive team, it is their judgments and managements that...


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