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Illegal Immigrants - Essay 2

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Illegal Immigrants
      Immigrants are people who come from different parts of the world due to war and poverty in their country. A big number of immigrants cross the border to America, the land of opportunity, illegally to get better lives. The statue of the illegal immigrants is one of the current agenda in United State Senate which is still unsolved.
      As George W. Bush argues a new temporary worker program that will match willing foreign workers with willing American employers as he motioned also there are many jobs in America that U.S. citizens are unwilling to perform. Therefore, a temporary worker program is needed. A temporary worker program will offer legal status to the millions of undocumented men and women now employed in the United States. Legalizing the illegal immigrants could be a source of cheap labor, could benefit American economy, and reducing crime.
      Illegal immigrants work on farms and in industries with substandard wages. Even president bush mentioned that “about 14 percent of our nation's civilian workforce is foreign-born. Most begin their working lives in America by taking hard jobs and clocking long hours in important industries.” It means that illegal immigrants work more hours in hard jobs which are not taken by Americans citizens because Americans deserve decent jobs at decent wages.
      Again illegal immigrants work for minimum wage which could drop the cost of production. As a result, hiring illegal immigrants could lower the cost of production and the price of the product or service could be more affordable on the American market.   As long as the illegal immigrants are part of the whole immigrants coming to America to work for change, they should get a chance of legalizing.
The consummation by the fast-growing undocumented population is simply too big to ignore by American companies. The big number of illegal immigrants has made big contributions on the consumption of American products and services. As the result...


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