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In this present day the internet is a dynamic and powerful place whereby millions of people share in the collective effort of publicising, learning, and spreading information. The world we live in today, as well as the growing youth of our society will not know the world existed any differently.

Information worldwide is created through extensive research then circulated and assessed for accuracy and relevance through expert review. If the information is recognised as valuable and of appropriate quality, it may be published and re-used in future times. Depending on the information remaining relevant through the times, it may be utilised in a collaborative way to advance the field of knowledge. The process is altered due to changes and advances in technology. With this change in the way information is collated and received, is accuracy and quality to be a dying concept? There is a large variety of resources available in this century, meaning multiple literacies including digital, visual, textual and technological. These skills are now crucial in present day, in this every changing landscape of information. In 1998 the estimation was made that one hundred million people were accessing the internet on a regular basis with over three hundred million pages on the web. With cyberspace not subject to the laws of physics, hence it is not bound by the limitations of those laws. With cyberspace, we have discovered a 'place' beyond hyperspace(The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace, pg 228).

Social media and social networks are increasingly being accepted as resources and tools for learning as the complexities of these emerging sources and our traditional sources provide a broader learning experience. Today we appear to be in an externalised generation. The technology being so readily available has provided individuals with the tools to externalise their thoughts and ideas at their own free will. The thought crosses my mind with intellectual property in relation to use of these...


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