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Drama- Greek Mythology

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-Today we know Andromeda as a galaxy or as the Andromeda constellation near the Pegasus constellation.

Andromeda was the daughter of the vain Cassiopeia (wife of King Cepheus of Ethiopia) and this was an unfortunate thing. Cassiopeia’s brag that she was more beautiful than the sea nymphs angered the sea god, Poseidon. To punish Cassiopeia for her pride, Poseidon sent a sea monster to attack her land.

King Cepheus asked the Oracle how to stop the monster and was told that the only way would be to offer his virgin daughter, Andromeda to the sea monster.
Caving under the pressure of his people, Cepheus did so. He chained Andromeda to a rock, where the hero Perseus(still wearing the golden winged sandals he had on him from the ask of killing Medusa)   saw her. Perseus asked what had happened to her and after hearing, he offered to save her by killing the sea monster- but only on the condition that her parents let her marry him.

All was agreed and Perseus killed the monster. Afterwards, during the wedding preparations, Andromeda’s fiancé from before the punishment (Phineus) showed up demanding his bride. Perseus argued that that contract was broken by the punishment.   Failing to persuade Phineus, he used the head of Medusa to turn his rival into stone.

Perseus went on to find the land of Mycenae, where Andromeda would be Queen.
They had their first son, Perses, who ruled after his father had died.

Their children were sons, Perses, Alcaeus, Sthenelus, Heleus, Mestor, Electryon, and a daughter, Gorgophone.

After her death, Andromeda was placed among the stars as the Andromeda constellation. (The monster who was sent to destroy Ethiopia was also turned into a constellation, Cetus)

Perseus killing the sea monster.



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