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Aspartame Sweet Pioson Pg2

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Aspartame contains formaldehyde, and Methanol which are neurotoxins and cause many disorders   such as Brain disorders, CNS disorders, Diabetes, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Multiple sclerosis, ADHD,ADD, Parkinsons disease, Alzhiemers, etc.

The symptoms include rash, sleep disorders, itching, Gran Mal seizures, oral sensory changes, menstral disturbances, hives, numbness, tingling, fatigue, weakness, memory loss, endocrine disorders, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, changes in mood, headaches neurological problems, nervousness.
Aspartame consumer safety network and Pilot Hotline number is 1 800 969 6050 or 1 214 563 4268...for lodging all complaints due to aspartame poisoning.

Dr.Janet Starr Hulls not only wrote the book” Sweet Poison”, she was also a severe sufferer of aspartame poisoning ,which inspired her to inform the public of the dangers of   its con-sumption. Aspartame contains lead, mercury, tin, and the side effects of the by product formic acid,   and formaldehyde, block nutrients from getting into normal body cells in the same fashion a lead shield blocks radiation during a x-ray. If toxins are present within your body, oxygen and the bodys food supply cannot get inside your cells to nurish the cells, so the cells start to die causing symptoms and disorders as wellas diseases such as Cancers to develop.At this time Cancer environment in the body become the perfect forming ground to form and multiply. When the toxins are removed permanently your body can restore itself back to a healthy balance. Dr.Janet Starr Hulls book explain how to test for and detoxify your body from all the chemical poisons in aspartame.

In order to detoxify your body there are simple steps to beginning the detox procedure:
1)Remove all sugar free products with aspartame from your diet and your cupboards.
2)Learn to read labels when buying grocery products,don't use Splenda, Nutrasweet, Sacarin, All artificial swweteners, Stevia, sucralose etc.
3)Get a hair analysis done to find out...


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