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"life is a river, just go with it." - Ayesulaing

The Real Sweetness of Life on Earth

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It is a life long, continual legacy to myself regarding the responsibility I have for my attitudes, concerns, outlook, and actions as long as I live.

Regarding personal criticisms of fellow humans, my interpretation of the awkward actions,illwill and devious or clumsy mechanations of others, does in no way justify a bad attitude from myself toward those very same people, ONLY, it requires me to examine the excuses I have for my own behaviors, attitudes and outlooks, reactions and actions.

Where I end up in life is a result of personal skills or attributes, reckoning with the world as it is; adjusting and accepting my weaknesses and implementing my personal gifts and strengths through action (or inaction).   And finally, how do I handle “winning” or “failure”, and know the difference between the two.

Character is everything.   Despair and sullen blackness of the mind and emotions must go –

Everybody manipulates – so do my dog and cat.   I do so because I cannot see how my actions or words are directly affecting others; and because I haven’t thought out the consequences.   In the acting out of gaining my wants, sometimes I use others to maintain control.   Most of the time, it is harmless, but where the greed for money, power or glory override the general good,there can be great disaster.   Sometimes, fortunate remedies for this can be determined in every day acts of generosity of spirit.

Where I can truly state: “This is what I need” for body, mind and soul stability over “This is what I want”, is the place at which I dwell on the Holy Mountain.   It is difficult to sift through the garbage and knee jerk reactions I have because of conditioning.   It is a struggle I endure every day and even in my dreams.   But this struggle is necessary because the sweetness in life exists; not through blood sacrifice, but upon the iridescent shimmer of a rainbow .   I stop the harsh word in it’s tracks; I cease plotting how...


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