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TABELISMA, Maradelle A.       “Sample Problems for Inferential Statistics   3:00-4:00/ MWF
BSECE-2                                           Hypothesis Testing”

One Sample Hypothesis Testing

A chance sample of 100 steel bar was strained from a populace of bars whose lengths are usually dispersed with mean 4 feet and standard devation 0.6 feet. If the example mean is 4.2 feet, can the sample be regard as a chance sample tired from the over populace?
Null hypothesis  H0 :µ = 4
Alternative hypothesis H1 :µ ≠ 4

A sample of 900 members is found to have a mean 3.5 cm. we can to be reasonably regarded as a simple sample from a large population whose mean is 3.38 cm and a standard deviation 2.4 cm?
We formulate the null hypothesis that the sample is drawn from population whose mean is 3.38 cm
H0 :µ = 3.38
H1 :µ ≠ 3.38

A random sample of 27 students scored an average of 22 marks and sum of the squares of the deviation taken from the mean is 66, can the sample be regarded as taken from the students taken 2.5 as average.
Null hypothesis:
H0: The given sample is taken from the population with mean 2.5
Alternative hypothesis:
H1: The given sample is not taken from the population with mean 2.5

Two Sample Hypothesis Testing

Samples of students were drawn from two universities and from the weights in kilogram; the means and standard distribution are calculated. Test the significance of the various linking the means of two samples.
|                        |Mean                     |S.D                     |Sample size             |
|University A             |55                       |10                       |400                     |
|University B             |57                       |15                       |100                     |


Given: H0 : µ1 = µ2  i.e.,there is no significant various linking the sample means.
             H1 : : µ1 ≠ µ2  
               α = 0.05

The number of rainfalls were...


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