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Bella's Move

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Before Bella’s moved, she was just living an ordinary life.   At the time, Bella was living in Sunny Phoenix, Arizona with her mother.   She decided to move to Rainy Forks, Washington to live with her father so her mother can travel with her new husband.   Bella thought that living in Forks would be the same as living in Phoenix but she was wrong.   There were three significant incidents that changed her life completely.

Like any other day, Bella would drive her red “ancient” Truck to and from school.   Until one day when the weather changed and the road condition was slippery.   Roads were icy and snow was falling.   Driving to school was very difficult for Bella because there were thick layers of snow for her Truck to handle, even though there were chains on the tires.   As she drove near to the school, the road started to get a little easy to handle.   Getting a parking spot was not hard but getting out of her Truck was difficult for her as she is a clumsy person. As Bella was trying to get something from her trunk, she noticed that a Van was losing control not far from her.   The Van was getting really close to where Bella is.   All of a sudden, Edward Cullen, a vampire, popped out of no where and saved her from her death with his super strength.

Knowing that there was something unusual with Edward, Bella started to investigate the hidden secret of Edward and his family.   First, she went on the internet to see if she could find any “valid” information about vampires that described what Edward was.   Unfortunately, she could not find anything that described Edward’s kind on the internet.   However, Bella found out the information she needed through an old family friend, Jacob Black.   The information was about the La Push’s legend that involved the “protectors” (werewolves) of the land and the “rivals” (vampires) who will create wars amongst them.   Now that Bella understood what Edward was, Bella was not afraid of him.   Somehow she started to fantasize...


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