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The Odyssey - Essay

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Mediterranean Cruise Line
Follow the footsteps of Odysseus’s 10 year journey in a comfortable 1 week cruise on the beautiful ship, The odyssey


Trivia AnswersQ1- the trojan war Q2- one Q3- Hades Q4- Ithiaca Q5- ten

The story of Odyssesus is a greek ledgend of a torjan war veterian who, after winning the war, sets sail for home. Odyssesus sails umung “the great unknown” for 10 years before finding his way back home to Ithaca. This cruise will take you through Odyssesus route umung the great unknown stoping at key points in his trip and learning a little about history as we make our way. This Cruise will make 7 key stops: Depart from: Troy- Learn about the trojan war and what it was like 1st stop: Island of the lotus eaters 2nd stop: Land of the cyclopes- Learn about the monster cyclops 3rd stop: Aeaea 4th stop: Land of the dead- Learn about hades and the underworld 5th stop Island of the sirens- Learn about the beautiful sirenes who entice the sailors 6th stop: Charybdis 7th stop: Ithiaca- Learn about the home of odyssesus

The Story

Map of the Journey

How to contact
Mediterranean Cruise Line phone # 763-123-4567

The cost of this cruise are as follows 1 person 1st class: 1500$ 1person 2nd class: 1000$ 2 people 1st class: 3100$ 2 people 2nd class: 2200$

Question 1- what war did odysseus fight

Try your smarts with the odysseus TRIVIA

Question 2- the cyclops has how many

Question 3- According to greek myths,
who rules over the underworld?

Question 4- What is the home of

Question 5- How many years does it take
odysseus to get home?
Answers on back


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