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Should Your Conscience Always Be Your Guide?

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Should your conscience always be your guide?

A conscience is something that tells you the difference between right and wrong. It’s part of you and what you are and allows you to make difficult decisions that may have an effect on someone else, not just your own. When you do something wrong or something that is selfish; for some, our conscience is relied upon to direct us in the right path.   Some believe that your conscience is made up of your own thoughts and feelings and is also influence by your religion and what you believe in. If you are a Christian, you believe that God is omniscient and omnipresent; God knows and sees everything, so there is no escaping any actions that you are not proud of.   Some question whether the guilt we feel is influenced by God or whether it is made from our own minds.
In one instant, your conscience should not always be your guide, as other emotions can influence a decision, such as guilt and you morals. However, I believe that your conscience should always be your guide as it makes up part of who you are. If you did not follow you conscience, then you would not be true to your self and you character.   Following your conscience may have a down side to it. If you have done something that you know is wrong, but when you admit to it or confess (or do whatever we have to do to make it right), the outcome is worse then the original action. But some people prefer to be punished in this way, rather then tormented with guilt.


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