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Car Rides

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car rides... are a pain.   your cramped up in a small space for long periods of time.. not fun! and trying to find a comfortable place to rest your head, you try to stretch out and end up hitting someone in the face then all hell breaks loose lol!well as you can tell this is the trip to tennesse, its been frickenn great! lol my neck is hurting legs stiff and my hair is looking.. well its looking pretty bad but enough of that we've been driving for 12hrs on and off.we left around 9pm and finally were in tennesse, its 8;48am we still have another two hours that i get to spend with my phone craving mother,energy drink filled gay ass step father ,my fart pants brother and of course rico, starr is still in florida eww theres a foul smell in the car hopefully its the river... hopefully. well we've passed though florida and the never ended road to georgia and now were here talking burping and nasty breath. ugh idk?!? its great.well theres a always a bright side to everything,its very pretty out   my window theres tons of mountians and pretty looking but nasty smelling rivers. umm florida was good learned lots more songs on the guitar oh and by the way i really have to pee and i cant breathe for some reason now fart pants in crying andi wish i had my phone right now, its been dead for the past 10hrs and i've had nothing to do except stare out the window aimlessly and try to sleep. ugh are we almost there?..... "NO KAYLA" ugh shut up! you what i jjust cant stand jason hes so annoying oh i have to drink a coffee and a 5 hour energy! i want to stay up i want to keep everyone awake... ya right sometimes i just want to punch him in the face!!!! oh! did i tell you we are now 1 hour earlier than we were 5 min ago.. isnt that swell? oh wanna know what im listening to? baby girl by sugarland   "i still love more than anything in the world, love you baby girl... your babay girl" haha yea oh plus the fart kids whinning haha . i've heard this next song about 50 time"small town usa" oh...


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