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3 Objects Essay

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Andrew Hewitt
Hon. Eng.9
Period 2

            It is hard for me to think of myself as an object. However, after careful reflection I view myself as the following objects. As a member of a group, I think of myself as a patch on basketball. I am the glue that holds the group together. As a student, I think of myself as a painter’s canvas. I am open and accepting of all the knowledge I receive. The scales symbolize how I view my character. I am fair and reliable. The more I think of the objects and what they symbolize the more I realize the many attributes of each object.
              I view myself as a patch on a basketball. The eight patches on a basketball are like eight members of a basketball team. Even though all of the players don’t start, they all have a roll to play and they are all equally important. On a basketball team most people think of the five starters as the most important, but on most successful teams you have three other players who   makeup the core of the team. They serve to relieve the five starters so they can continue to play their best game. I am like one of those patches when in a group. I consider myself to be equal to all the others patches, no more important, but equally important. The patch holds the ball together just like I hold the group together. When I am part of the group I tend to be the person who helps everyone to get along. If members of the group have different points of view I tried to help them see both sides and stay together as a group .Each patch on the basketball has to be in good condition for the ball to work properly. As a part of my group I have the responsibility of making certain I am keep myself healthy and in good condition so that I can do my part in the group. Each patch has to always be prepared to do its part because you never know which patch will hit the floor when the ball bounces. If that patch is deflated or marred; that patch will cause the ball to not function properly. When I am part of a...


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