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Northern, Middle, and Southern Colonies

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HIS108:     Essay 2

      Though the Northern, Middle, and Southern colonies were close to each other, they held many similarities and differences. The Northern colonies the Puritan religion was a major influence. The north was based on hunting and fishing and trapping also traded with the south using manufactured goods. Education in the northern colonies they had some of the oldest schools. The first was to train preachers; they also had some of the oldest public schools. Three women was the first to be accused Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne, and a slave Tituba. The three women were brought before a court, and all three was sent to jail. This brought a lot more people that was accused and sent to jail.

      The middle colonies were more religiously diverse than the other American colonies.   Every settler would enjoy the free possession of his or her faith and exercise of worship towards God. The middle colonies had a fair amount more industry than the southern colonies; it still did not rival the industry of New England. The poor mans country seldom caused a conflict because of limited opportunity. They give them land upon arrival, providing they would pay an annual quitrent. The only thing I could figure out on the salad bowl would be that there talking about a mixture of different races.

          Religion in the southern colonies was not practiced with the enthusiasm that it was in New England. While most colonist of the south were Anglicans. Southern colonies economy was driven by plantation cash crops included sugar cane, cotton, tobacco, indigo and rice. The plantations initially worked by indentured servants, labor force which was largely replaced in the early 18 century by slaves.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The back country all of the...


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