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A Visit to a Village

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Village is totally opposite to the city. All the facilities which we find in cities are not available in the villages. Despite it the villages are a great blessing of God. The people in the villages are very healthy and strong. They are real backbone of a nation.
Last Friday was a holiday so our class went out for a day in the country. We made our headquarters in a primary school. Rest house in a village of Fateh Rehan. In which no more than eight hundred people live. I had never seen a village before so went for a tour of observation.
The road was rough and narrow and one could hardly call it a street although there were houses on both sides. All the houses were flat roofed and built entirely of mud or at least of home made bricks made or mud. As far as we could see the people have very little furniture chairs tables and almirahs seem to be unknown to them. They sit on the ground and eat there and as for almirahs well they have nothing to put in them.
I stopped and had to look at the biggest shop. The owner a very fat man sat there comfortably amid his wares. He seemed to have every kind of grain flour salt spice and all the hot things which go to make curry. There were also some sweet meats for sale but I should not have cared to eat his jellebi after so many flies had held a feast on it. The next shop had many rolls of clothes mostly cheap cotton prints from the Faisalabad mills while beyond that I found a shopkeeper who sold everything cheap cigarettes boxes of mathes carved wooden toys and brilliantly colored pictures of events in the Past which pictures proved on examination to have been made in Japan.
Outside of group of small boys were playing a fascinating game. They had a pointed peg of wood and a stick with which to hit it on the end so that it jumped up. Then the sticker had to drive it, it as far as possible away from him His apponent then had to understand the rules but they seemed to get as much fun out of it as the boys of Lahore do from their...


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