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Causes and Recommendations on Absenteeism and Labour Turnover

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First, one of the reasons causing HTT employees absent from their workplace as well as increasing labour turnover is job stress which are generated at workplace. Job stress is a chronic disease caused by conditions in the workplace that negatively affect an individual`s performance or overall well-being of his body as well as mind (Life Positive Foundation, n.d.). In general, job stress is most commonly experienced and suffered by the entry-level job holders of HTT. It is because career applications for entry-level positions of HTT are typically offering the first work experience and to seek for fresh graduates. Fresh graduates gradually realize that there is a gap between what is taught in the school and what is happening in the real workplace after them enrolling as employees of HTT. For example, there are a few of HTT newcomers who are just completing their studies in college or universities, unable to apply their theoretical knowledge and skills onto their actual job as well as they find out there are some difficulties to perform their job well. They are so frustrated and become less motivated. As a result, they start practicing absent from workplace and some of them even end up with resigning from HTT Company. Hence it is essential for HTT human resources practitioner to identify the actual problems occurring among these freshmen. In fact they face difficulties in workplace is because they lack of adequate and appropriate skills and competences. To overcome these problems, training and personal development have to provide to the newcomers to learn and enhance their skills to do the job. According to Hayes D.K. & Ninemeier J.D., 2009, training is defined as a systematic process of providing employee with competencies, such as knowledge, skills and abilities to do their current jobs. For example, HTT new employees are trained by role playing method which they can learn on how to handle a series of...


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