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Laptops and Televisions

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In contemporary society, most of us have been using televisions and laptops in our life, as a result, we are very familiar with their usefulness. It is clear that these two inventions are among the great inventions of modern society. In this essay, I will compare and contrast the similarities and differences of the two devices.

There are several similarities in the usage of the two devices. First of all, they play a key role in our life. We rely increasingly on televisions and laptops, which bring us happiness and enjoyment. If there were no laptops and televisions, our loneliness and displeasure would be significantly decreased. Secondly, there are different kinds of television programs such as movies, music and news. Its functions are similar to a laptop. There are a lot of entertainment programs on the internet. Besides, they both can be used for playing games by installing a software or connecting equipment to them.

Despite these similarities there are differences between laptops and televisions. Firstly, the PC is portable and movable therefore it can be taken   anywhere conveniently without power wires, not only on flights also in a coffee house ; while TV does not have this function because cables are needed for receiving signals to arise channels. There are also differences as far as multifunction are concerned. The computer is the best tool in business and education areas. It helps people dealing with files and demonstrating the courseware, which is more useful compared to television. Furthermore, we can choose whatever we like by accessing the Internet through laptop, but it cannot be done by TV, which is less effective. On the other hand, laptops require regular updates when the software is out of date; scanning virus are also essential to a laptop, whereas televisions have no these inconveniences

To summarize, although these two devices have a lot of different functions and some similarities, we cannot live without these...


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