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"War can be defined as a struggle of an individual or group to uphold their beliefs or current position. " - Giang


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1mt3mts1mt3mts3mts3mts3mts3mts3 mt3mt2mt2 mt3mts2mt2mt3mts5mt3mts10mt2 mt1mt1hr1hr | Student defines alternative medicineIdentifies   types of alternative medicineLists down the various alternative therapies. Explain about   the accupunctureDescribe about acupressureExplain about aromatherapy.discuss about yogaExplains about meditation.Explains about Reiki.Explains about therapeutic touch.Discuss about juice therapy.Explains about music therapyExplains about hydrotherapy.define referral systemchracterstics of good referral systemdeterminants ofreferral systemEnlist componentsOf health careDefine termsDescribe components of referral systemexplain referral system tools | INTRODUCTIONThe term alternative medicine, as used in the modern world,encompasses any healing practice “that does not fall with realm of conventional medicine “.Alternative medicine practises are as diverse in their methodologies .Practises may incorporate or base themselves on traditional medicine, folk knowledge,spiritualbeliefs,or newly conceived approaches to healing .Juriadictions where alternative medicine are sufficiently widespread may license and regulate them .The claims made by alternative medicine practioners are generally not accepted by the medical community because evidence based assessment of safety and efficacy is either not available or has not been performed for many of these practices.DEFINITIONAlternative medicine includes all such practices which are outside the domains of conventional medicine in several countries and defined by its usersas preventing or treating illness ,or promoting health and wellbeing.(INSITUTE OF MEDICINE),U.S.AThe National Center for complementary and alternative medicine (NCAAM) defines alternative medicine as -“A group of diverse medical and health care systems, practices,and products ,that are not currently part of conventional medicine.”NCCAM groups CAM...


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