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Is Cohabitation a Good Alternative to Marriage?

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Is cohabitation good alternative to marriage? (against)
Cohabitation, by definition, is an agreement between a man and a woman to live together and have a sexual relationship without being married.(Oxford Dictionary 8th edition) De factor cohabiting relationship has become a controversial topic due to the fact that family has changed from marriage to cohabitation despite scientists’ recommendation. Is cohabitation a good alternative to marriage? In fact, this phenomenon has many negative effects on the couples as well as their children. It contains exceedingly breakable essence (David de Vaus, Lixia Qu, Ruth Veston,2005), has more violence than married counterparts (Patrica Morgan, 2000) and exerts bad impacts on children’s well-being.(David Popenoe,2008). In short, people should not live together without getting married.
Far from a marriage-mirror, cohabitation- a “weak family form” compared with marriage (Wade F.Horn, 2006) turns out to be fundamentally different. Researchers have shown a large amount of persuasive evidence to support the high instability of cohabitation. In fact, cohabiting couples break up at much higher rate than married ones.(David Popenoe,2008;Wendy D.Manning,2008) In the UK, over a half of cohabitation of 3273 women born since 1930 turned into marriage, while nearly 30 per cent dissolved. In the United State, probability of first cohabitation disruption of non-hispanic black women after 3 years is 43 percent, after 5 years is 56 percent and after 10 years is 72 percent. The survival of cohabitations for women aged 20-39 years is 18 percent endure for 10 years in Britain, compared to Switzerland at 25 percent, with Norway, Spain and Sweden in the 30 to 40 percent range. Over time, cohabitation seems likely to end in separation rather than convert to marriage (Patricia Morgan,2000; David Popenoe,2009). According to the National Survey of Family Growth, in the United State, for all women, the probability of first cohabitation disruption is...


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