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Relativism and Morality

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Relativism and Morality
Murrell Gramtham
Ashford University
Introduction to Ethics and Responsibility
Sociology 120
Professor Tim Carter
November 19, 2010

                              Relativism and Morality
          Goodman refers to four areas of Relativism and Morality.   Those four areas are: (1) Genocide, Politically Induced Famine, and Germ Warfare; (2) Terrorism, Hostage Taking, and Child Warriors; (3) Slavery, Polygamy, and Incest; and (4) Rape, and Female Genital Cutting.   Addressing these four areas, while seemingly overwhelming, is not necessarily so.   I will attempt to prove my point.
          We, the citizens of the world, predominately accept the aforementioned four areas as relative to our society and the maintenance, perhaps, of the furtherance of our morals, to continue to be researched and discussed into the twenty first century.
          Let us start by taking a look at Genocide, Politically Induced Famine, and Germ Warfare.   Goodman states that Genocide is uglier than murder because genocide targets individuals as members of a group.   To destroy a race, culture, linguistic or ethnic identity, even a class.   The target is a way of life. Pg.88.   Genocide has been practiced, along with Politically Induced Famine, since the beginning of time, in one form or another.   If one researched and thought deeply enough, one would conclude that even Moses, by following God’s word, practiced a form of genocide.   If I recall correctly, even God practiced a form of politically induced famine when He induced a famine upon the land.   The earliest time that I am aware of germ warfare being used, would have been WW1.   Goodman also states that famine and germ warfare are grouped with genocide and that germ warfare shares the shame with famine, and that the target is humanity at large. pg 89.
          Let us now take a look at Terrorism, Hostages, and Child Warriors.   Goodman states that terrorists explode the values they claim to fight for....


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