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No Need of Working

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I am pulkit mohan singla. I don't see much growth in this real estate business if things goes on like that. I am talking about these talented people who perform the work of masonry and not only them , electrician , plumber , painter , Carpenter are also included in this list of greedy , lazy , dishonest freaks.

Today money has shown its importance in such a way that people are getting crazy like ghost. Consuming less time in work and fetching more money is an art today and everyone is applying this art on daily basis and these labours are much more perfect in this job.

This is about maximum majority of labourers who do this act. Its a fact which has given stress to millions of contractors. Time is the biggest factor and rates of properties are changing rapidly like share market.

Its indigestible to see the tension we builders handle every time. Everyone demands perfection and this perfection is achieved through immense hard work and time utilisation with extreme focus. But do these people focus? Simply not.

Yes the answer is no. Its very important to make them work continuously and effectively because they just pass the time. The biggest reason is that they do not have any degree or basic education and there is no training institute of the masonry work. These people learn some skills from there friends or relatives or parents who are in this job and even if they are not perfect they say we are perfect and that's the biggest bad luck of our country.

Because of this ignorance and carelessness towards work , all the home owners are compelled to sit at the time of construction to make these people motivated to work and in case of builders and contractors like us. We got no opportunity left then hiring a site manager who sooner or later proves us that he/she is the biggest disappointment we could ever see.

getting faithful , hardworking workers is a blessing and is available to rare. From outside everyone seems happy and perfect but if see behind...


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