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Subconscious Effects of Teamwork

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In this essay the author will be outlining the theories of teamwork and leadership and relating them to a workplace/work environment.

The qualities of a good leader are outlined in Belbin’s team role description, his idea is that within a team there are number of team members with different qualities or naturally take these roles...
• The Plant – Creative, Imaginative, Unorthodox and Solves Difficult Problems
• Resource Investigator – Extrovert, Enthusiastic and Communicative
• Co-ordinator – Mature, Confident, Good Chairperson and Clarifies Goals
• Shaper – Challenging, Dynamic and Thrives On Pressure
• Monitor Evaluator – Strategic, Discerning and See’s All Options
• Team Worker – Co-operative, Mild, Perceptive, Listens and Builds
• Implementer – Disciplined, Reliable and Efficient
• Completer Finisher – Painstaking, Conscientious and Searches Out Errors
• Specialist – Single Minded, Dedicated, Provides Knowledge and Skills
                                                                                  (Belbin Associates, 2009)
The above bullet pointed qualities are considered as good leadership and teamwork qualities, the traits listed above would certainly work well within any work environment where a team would be needed.  
Leadership is one of the qualities that is used within everyday society; therefore it is of great importance to the human race.   Whether that be within the public services or within an enclosed working environment. People naturally divide themselves into groups, in which there are natural born leaders and followers. Grint (2000) said ‘’Scholars tend to hold two mutually exclusive views about leadership: one school of thought holds that leaders are born’’, meaning they naturally have these instincts installed genetically within their personality and ‘’the qualities they embody are subconscious’’,   Nietzsche (1969). Although it is not known why leaders ‘naturally’ have leadership qualities, it is the common conception of...


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