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Alejandra Rascon
Period 6
Ap. English
Ms. Senkbeil
Make up Assignment
Immigration seems to be making more headlines in recent years. Politicians stress its importance that it has on our nation. Governments all over the world have promoted the teaching to immigrate students and introduced citizenship test for those who wish to become naturalized. As the world progresses in terms of nations’ trade and investment, economies, borders are opened more frequently and easier for the flow of products. Worldwide there is an estimate of 191 million immigrants, over the last 50 years it has doubled. Many people think of immigration and think of the Mexican race, this is not always the case. People emigrate from one country to another for many different reasons. Sometimes immigrants are forced to move due to conflict or to escape persecution. The United States is known for liberty, for new starts. People come to America to start all over again. The wealthy or educated immigrants that come set the path for the others who follow them in here, giving those better jobs and better pay. Citizenship has not only changed our social relationships, but it has had a major impact on politics. Immigration can have positive and negative impacts on our nation.
The issue of immigration was brought to the front burner of national politics in the early 1990's, when California Governor Pete Wilson sponsored Proposition 187, a bill which sought to deny public education, non-emergency health care and welfare to illegal immigrants. The bill happened to capture 60 percent of the votes. It impacted many Americans who never thought this would be done. As time progressed, politicians recognized the anti-immigrant trend as politically useful during this key election year. Republicans in Congress attempted to pass an anti-immigration bill that would force the children of illegal immigrants out of public schools, this bill was soon removed and did not ever go into effect. Republicans...


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