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Throughout the book The Narrative of the Captivity and the Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson. By Mary Rowlandson she has many views on the Indians that captured her. There are many negatives and few positives. These views change variously thought this book based on the situation at hand.
In the beginning of the story she has hate for the Indians because they came into her town and disrupted the peace by killing may of the town’s people and her family. She had said before “that if the Indians should come, I should choose rather to be killed by then than taken alive.” Even though she said that she chose to go with them then to end her days. She compares there rituals and the Indians themselves to hell and daemons because of what they did and are still going to do. She often refers to the Indians as savages because of how they act and what they do.
Mary Rowlandson feels hatred towards the Indians throughout most of the book for many reasons. When she asks for food and water the often say no. Also when she asks for a day of rest because it is the Sabbath day the Indians answered her that they would break her face.   Also she is a very religious person and when her mistress sees it she throws it out the door. These things were just given to her when she was living in her village and now that they are being restricted by these “savages” she doesn’t like it.
She doesn’t show hatred throughout the entire book though. At one point her son is a mile away from her and she asks her master if she could go visit him and he lets her. Also her master lets her keep most of the food she receives for knitting items for people. She once asked her master if she would be reunited with her husband and she gets reassured by him not to worry, even though she never does she still gets reassurance that she will be fine by him once and a while.
Even though the Indians that capture her are “savages” and do treat her like dirt she had a right to show hatred. Although the Indians...


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