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Eating at Home

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Benefits of eating at home
Eating at home is really good for our life. Eating at home help people to save money. If you choose to eating at   restaurants, you must pay a lot of money for this. After saving money, the greatest benefit from dining in compared to eating at restaurants is promoting a healthy lifestyle. Overall, cooking at home is much healthier than dining out. While some restaurants now offer healthy entrees and choices, the options are limited. Food consumed at restaurants typically has a lot more calories and fat than food you have prepared at home. An important benefit for any family with children. Eating at home instead of at a restaurant gives the entire family time to talk about their day. If you are constantly on the run and are always eating out – you lose that quality time to communicate with your loved ones. Cooking at home gives you a chance to connect and talk about school with your children and discuss your days events with your spouse. I am not saying that you should never eat out at restaurants. My wife and I like to go out every once in a while for a nice relaxing meal that we don’t have to cook. However, there seem to be a lot more benefits from eating at home which always seem to win out in our household.

My wife and I rarely choose to dine out – instead fixing the majority of our meals at home to eat with our children. This is one of the many expenses that we cut from our monthly budget in order to live within our means from a single income. Saving money in areas like food and entertainment expenses allow my wife and I to raise two young boys with one parent staying at home.
While we do dine out every once in a while, we limit ourselves to spending less than $50 per month in this category – which usually includes a few trips to a couple fast food restaurants for the kids and that is about it. Comparing our $12.50 weekly expenses with other families of four who spend a conservative $50 per week dining out – we are saving around...


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