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Air Polution

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The impact of air pollution on the social and economic development in Nigeria is a topic of interest to scientists/researchers. A good number of researchers have documented this event (Abiodun, 1999; Ebisike et al, 2004 and Obioh et al, 2005). Historical events have been documented by other studies in which pollution concentrations reached an alarming level due to weather inversion that trapped air pollution in valleys. A good example is the Meuse valley of Belgium in 1930 and London of 1952 where thousands loss their lives due to air pollution (Holland et al, 1979). The release of methyl isocyanate into the air during a temperature inversion causes 3,300 deaths and more than 20,000 illnesses at Bhopal, India, in December 1984. The release of industrial wastes into the atmosphere resulted in smog over Lagos in October 2005.
The onset of industrialization brought about a drastic change in the composition of the atmosphere due to the combustion of fossil fuels for the generation of energy. The ever increasing population, traffic congestion resulting from increase in motor vehicles and urbanization also contribute to a large extent in polluting the air. The degree of intensity and the composition of the pollutants vary depending on the level of economic development (industrialization).
A polluted environment is deadly and, it is also a retarding agent to the socio-economic development of a nation. Quite a number of people feel that once they are not allergic to a polluted environment, they are free from its harmful act. What a deception!   Millions of Nigerians who found themselves trapped in a polluted city believe their body systems will adapt to it, without a second thought about the negative effect it will bring to their health. A lot have had their lives shortened through living in such environments. Ignorantly, they suffer from its attack. Continual complain of headache, cough, asthma, etc are not uncommon in the polluted environment where people live....


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