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Chil Labour

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Child Labour refers to the employment of children at regular and sustained labour. Employing children below the age group of 14 in any factory or mine    or engaged in any other hazardous employment. Despite being marked illegal, the job market of child labour is in a progressive trend. Children land in a job easily than graduate or post-graduate job seeker out there.

The major reasons for Child Labour are:
          o Poverty
          o Over Population
          o Natural Calamities.
          o Gap in law enactment and enforcement.

Child labour is the cousin of poverty.

Yes, Child labour is not alone; it is closely associated with socio-economic factor “Poverty”. Poverty is constituted by unfair distribution of income, unemployment and inflation which makes people poor and thereby forcing parents to send their children to work. Poverty does not justify Child Labour, if so then it must justify even burglary, prostitution (The UNICEF study reveals that almost 40 percent of women sex workers enter into prostitution before 18 years of age), kidnapping, smuggling and all other crimes.

Population constraint is the hindrance in developing country (like India) and under developed country.  With a huge population, it is pretty common to see couples in India who cannot even afford to raise one child have  more than five! Family planning or birth control awareness must be spread throughout to counter this evil.

Natural Calamities like floods (the most recent like the one which swept Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai) displace and leave large group of people homeless and after returned of their home, they send their children to go to work to restore the family.

When looked at this issue of Child Labour in a different lens, it can be inferred that, Children find their job easily rather than those graduates or post-graduates out there. The job market today is hyper-competitive with thousands of graduates and post-graduates passing out every year...


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