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Students Are Encouraged to Make Comments or Even Criticism on Teachers?

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Many people argue that in order to improve educational quality continuously, students are encouraged to make comments or even criticism on teachers. Others think the respect and discipline in the classroom will disappear. Which opinion do you prefer?
Should the students be encouraged to make comments or even criticism on teachers?Some people point out that maing comments and criticisms on teachers is disrespectful to the teachers which will cause the discipline in the classroom to vanish.While I oppose it by saying that making comments on the teachers will improve educational quality.

First of all ,for the teachers,their final goal is to improve the educational quality which will help students learn more knowledge.Only by giving comments on teachers performance can let the teachers get to know the development of the students clearly.Using proper language to make comments or criticism on teachers does not show any disrespectful to teachers.Furthermore, the criticism is the feedback which stimulates to teachers selfperfection. A good teacher is more willing to know more ideas from students and also think something in students shoes in order to improve their teaching skills and to communicate with students.

In the other hand, for the students, their final goal is to learn more knowledge in the school.In order to get more knowledge, they would like to make comments or criticism on teachers.By doing that, they hope the teacher can understand them and also accept their ideas about the teachers teaching.Although,most of the students who make comments or criticism on teachers do not mean to disrespect teacher,so that the discipline in the classroom will not be destroyed.

From the comments,not only can the teachers improve their teaching skill, but the students can learn more knowledge and develop a good relationship with teachers at the same time. The criticisms and comments are a kind of communication between teachers and students,lack of which will lead the...


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