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1) Coastal Protection is when you protect the sea eroding and taking parts of the cliffs

2) Hard engineering is when you use hard substances like rock and concrete to stop the sea eroding the cliffs

3) A)
Sea walls
Rip rap
Groynes (rock)
Groynes (wood)
Rip rap
Sea wall
Groyne (rock)
Groynes (wood)

4. Some sea defences cost more than others because of 4 factors.
• The cost of the materials used to make it.
• The time it takes to install
• How hard it is to install
• How long it lasts before having to be replaced or repaired

5. Some sea defences last longer than others because of how hard they are to erode and what material the structure is made of. The strength of the waves and where they are built is another factor

6. The location of happisburgh is inbetween the towns of cromer and sea palling it on on the south eastern coasal tip

7. The prevailing wind is blowing from the north and transporting the sediment down the coastal line due to longshore drift this then has a very far fetch

8. Groynes and revetments were contructed because it is right at the tip of the coastline meaning it will get a lot of pounding from wave. This means a lot of erosion

9. Erosion has occurred here. We can see this because the beach line is not were it used to be. Some houses have gone and farm area has also vanished.

10. The beach at x has eroding much quicker than y as y is relatively the same length but x has had a considerable change

11. The beach x has a groin trapping the sand in with little erosion were as y has the sediment being taken away and has more erosion

12. 7km

13. £7,000,000

14. There is economic evidence due to the fact there are some major roads running through it and there is also a holiday park

15. A stakeholder is someone who has interest in what is happening to the coast

16. Protect the history
protect peoples money


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