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Hamlet/Death of a Salesman Essay

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Hamlet/Death of a Salesman Essay

Procrastination is a fascinating thing, it can change the path that you take in life and the way that you can live the rest of your life. Hamlet and Willy Loman are both major procrastinators and when they have to take action they always have a reason not to. They over think the task, procrastinate thinking there will always be a better chance to do what they have to do, and always would rather someone else do the job for them. For Willy Loman and Hamlet Prince of Denmark making decisions and following through with them are very challenging, they make bad decisions all the time and it costs them their lives.

Willy Loman and Hamlet are thinkers not doers, they have a history of thinking and fantasizing about what they can or could do in the future. Even thought they have these great thoughts they don’t think about how they are going to get there. In the play Death Of a Salesman Willy Loman sons have a very hard time deciding what they would like to do with their life in the future. They come up with multiple ideas about it but never are able to pull through with the ideas. Willy with his two sons Happy and biff are in an argument about what biff is going to do with his life. Happy has an idea that is totally unrealistic and impossible to achieve. “Wait a minute!   Got and idea. I got a feasible idea. Come here, Biff, let’s talk this over now, Let’s talk some sense here.   When I was down in Florida last time, I thought of a great idea to sell sporting goods. It just came back to me. You and I, Biff-we have a line, the Loman line. We train a couple of weeks, and put on a couple of exhibitions, see?” (Pg. 63). Happy is out of his mind thinking that this is going to work, What makes him think that people are going to want to go pay to see two average Joes play sports that they are not even good at. This idea soon dies out when the boys try to get some money and find that no one wants to give it to them. Willy has absolutely no...


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