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Analysis of 'Death of a Salesman'

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Scene by scene synopsis
Note: The play carries on continuously and has no scenes. The scenes devised here follows the progression of those devised by Advanced York Notes: Death of a Salesman.
Act 1:

Scene 1: Willy returns home exhausted. He complains about Biff not being successful, and goes downstairs to have some milk whilst beginning to lose himself in a reverie.

Scene 2: Biff and Happy talks in their bedroom about their personal ambitions and failures in life. They plan to open up a ranch in Texas and to talk to a man named Oliver who promised Biff a job 10 years ago.

Scene 3: Willy is in a daydream when his sons were young and they were polishing the car. He boasts about how he is well liked, and exaggerates his earnings to Linda, but it turns out that the household struggles to repay its debt. Biff reveals that he stole a football, an action Willy condoned.  

Scene 4: As Willy is talking to Linda, he drifts into another reminiscence about his affair in Boston, and how the stockings he’s given to his mistress reminds him of his guilt.

Scene 5: Willy drifts out of the affair reminiscence, and is back into his original reminiscence. Bernard runs in to inform that Biff will flunk maths, and Willy’s memories of him are marred by his other failures at school. Willy demands Bernard to help his son cheat in the Regents maths test.

Scene 6: Willy goes back to the present. Willy has a talk with Happy. Willy daydreams of the life he might have had if he had worked with his brother Ben. Charley comes in and plays card with him.

Scene 7: Willy plays card with Charley, but conducts a conversation with his dead brother Ben. When Charley leaves, Willy fully immerses himself into Ben’s talks of success. Willy desperately tries to impress Ben, he send his sons to steal some construction materials. He is warned that his boys will be caught by the watchmen.

Scene 8. Willy comes out of his daydream and is back in reality. He goes out for a walk,...


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