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Death of Salesman

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Austin Belcher
Final Draft
Death Of A Salesman    

Aristotle describes the definition of a tragedy is “watching a great man fall”. This statement comes into play with the story of Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman. In this play a old man had worked his whole life for his family and in the end they don’t realize what sacrifices Willy has made for them. After all those years the stress get’s to Willy and he goes insane, and starts to relive the past but doesn’t realize that he really is talking to himself throughout the play and no one is there. When Willy does come back to reality his family tries to help him, but Willy thinks he is worth more dead to his family than alive.

Willy as the great man he could be described as would make a good role model for the American dream. Willy’s whole life he had worked as a salesman who had told his family about all the people and friends he had met along the on his journeys as a salesman. And his dream was to finally own the house he lives in and provide a great basic foundation for his family to live off of, but his family doesn’t really realize hat he has tried to do for them. They think of him as a fool, but really he is a great man.

After all the years Willy puts into his job the company does him dirty and undercuts his job and sends him home with the news that he could no longer provide for his family. Then that afternoon Willy heads home and starts to plant a garden and talk to his dead brother which imagines that is there and comes up with the idea that in the world he lives in he could get money for his family through his life insurance, but after he kills himself his wife makes the final payment on the house. The money from the life insurance never came to his family so in the end there was no real purpose for him to kill himself.

In this story...


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