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Death of a Salesman Analysis

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Injustice, either social or personal, is a common theme in literature. Choose a novel or a play in which injustice is important. Write an essay in which you clearly define the nature of the injustice and discuss the techniques the author employs to elicit sympathy for its victim or victims. Do not merely summarize the plot. Use evidence from the text to support your answer.
Poignant, Tragic, Arthur Miller’s play “Death of a Salesman” discusses the protagonist, Willy Loman’s lack of fairness or justice to his family via complex words, emotional appeal, imagery, flashbacks, and different points of views.   Willy feels physically and mentally drained, he is not successful in his job as a salesman and as a result he is transferring all his dilemmas and negativity to his wife Linda, and his two sons Happy and Biff.   Linda attempts to act jovial suggesting excuses and trying to give him hope by cheering him a bit. Willy “I suddenly couldn’t drive anymore”- Linda “maybe it’s the steering again” – Willy “I can’t seem to keep my mind to it” – Linda “Maybe it’s your glasses”. She justifies everything he does, so that he doesn’t feel tormented, but in the process she feels exhausted and fearful for him.
The author employs different perspectives to show the emotion of each character such as Happy and Biff’s lack of confidence and security. Willy wishes to see Biff settled with a family and a successful business, so instead of supporting his son’s decisions he mocks him regularly. He speaks harsh words and acts unhappy continually. This behavior is deteriorating his health making him talk to himself. Also, he is affecting Biff judgment by making him think that he should probably get marry and make a family just so his dad can finally get the happiness he craves.
Miller’s use of imagery at the beginning of the play gives the reader an illustration of the setting, which took place in New York. Willy undergoes flashbacks through the play, that from his family point of view it...


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