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Role of Youth in the Development of Kpk and Tribal Areas

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“Role of youth in the development of   Kpk and Tribal areas”

Before getting deeper into this vast topic. Let us first get the idea what is the word is all about. The words by Henri Estienne Sums up the whole idea of youth and the role of youth. He Says
“IF youth only knew: If age only could.”
The idea behind the word is that if youth knew their power and their ability they can bring revolution. They just need to guided in the proper direction and the can change the word. Now let us get specific to the topic about the role of youth in the development of KPk and tribal Areas. Pakistan is the only Islamic country with the nuclear power and because of this it has to face many problems. The so called Democratic state has tried several times to implement the democracy in the state but every time the hopes are being shattered by the civil or military bureaucracy. The situation in the tribal areas and kpk changed with the gigantic event of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on USA. Pakistan but specifically Kpk and the tribal areas of Pakistan suffered a lot because of the war against terrorism. In war against terrorism the people of Kpk and tribal areas offered many sacrifices but did not win any appreciation from the foreign world but received a lot of criticism for the last few years. Now the people of kpk have to come forward to play its role in bringing their country back to the track of peace and prosperity.
As we are aware of the fact that the proportion of youth in KPK is in great number therefore they have to play an important role in the development of the both Kpk and tribal areas.They have to play their role with full potential and never let those clutches of heinous and brutal people stay long which has added to the miseries of people. At the moment if we can expect something from someone so it’s the youth if the province. They are ready to offer sweat and blood in this critical prevailing situation but the only problem is that they should be...


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