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Bad Time to Start a Relationship

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Relationships include love, hug, support, consider, and keep accompany. In this day and age, there is a tendency among students to start a relationship. When they are starting a relationship, they could study together, convergence their behavior and be happy. This is the time in your life where can learn your likes and dislikes in your partner. Someone argue that it is a bad time in your life to start a relationship. However, it has a lot of demerits; there are three main negative points.

Starting a relationship in high school can affect your decision making. When you fall in love with the others, it will bring you to make the wrong decision in that relationship. Making a wrong decision would make your study turned down and wasting a lot of time. A lot of people who are starting a relationship in high school can not take a balance between study and their relationship; they always focus on their relationship more than their study. In an obviously situation, they would use a lot of time to go out will their partner more than the time of study. That is one of the most important ideas why student should not start a relationship in high school. There are more than 55% of people who are the high school student are making the wrong decisions. They always leave the study alone and being with their partner.

Another bad time to think starting a relationship is right after ending one. If you cannot ready to accept the pains which had brought by breaking-up, you do not starting any relationship, it may affect your choice and having psychological effecting. It is because somehow the touch, the hug, the kiss, or even have sexual relations, you would bury them all in the deepest position in your heart. When there is serenity, silent, lonely, or darkly, you would be looking for that memory and reading it once again, and feeling hurts again and again. When you break-up with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you will do a lot of thing to change their mind. However, it would not...


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