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Teaching Science to Students

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Many students find science very interesting but difficult to learn and update their knowledge. If the basic concepts are clearly understood, then, the students will not find it difficult to decipher the difficult concepts. It is the duty of a teacher to explain the concepts clearly, interestingly, with proper teaching aids, apt explanations, accurately to the students. Once, the interest is instilled in the minds of the students, they will   definitely show more inclination towards the subject.

The students must be given an opportunity to do experiments, to view and know current trends in the subject, to hear from subject experts. The more knowledge they gain, the more interest they will show. Let us nurture the interests of the children in science subject with current focus and see to it that they master the subject in a short time span.

The students must be given more opportunities for creativity, for raising doubts, to ask more “Why?” Questions. They must be suitably guided to observe, to tabulate, to calculate and to analyse. The more exposure they get in presenting facts, the more interested they will be to gain further knowledge.

The students must be explained the   need for science , the purpose of science, the way in which science subject is interrelated with other subjects. Once this awareness is given to students, they will volunteer themselves for learning science. The young minds are always and already curious. The teacher must take up the responsibility of kindling that curiosity spirit to create research spirit in the students.

The Teacher must share their own lab experiences to the students in science. (My experience :- As a chemistry student, very prompt and studious, but innocent, once I recorded room temperature (ofcourse wrongly) as -28 in inorganic lab!! (B.Sc I Year)   . My inorganic Lecturer (so sweet of her) – did not scold me; did not yell at me; she just laughed and said, “Are you in Chennai...


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