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Car and My Obssession

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Obsessed with a Car

Have your ever known someone who was obsessed with his car. So obsessed in fact that it becomes part of his identity and changes his personality. All the money this person makes goes into the car. There is one such person who is a model example. Matt Geis. He owns a 93 Ford Mustang GT. How has this car affected Matt?
In the first place the car makes Matt conceded. He drives the car everywhere and tries to show it off. Matt thinks the car makes him a god. He thinks the car is the best car in the world. Before he got the car, Matt was more or less a rather humble person. Now the car has changed that. Any type of sports car he comes across on the road, he tries to challenge. If he wins it's because his car is better. If he loses it's because he wanted to peel out rather than win.
In the second place, the car is never finished. Matt is always improving it. He puts new parts on it almost every week. Some parts have a purpose but most are just aesthetic. He spent his summer savings buying new rims and tires just to make the car look even flashier. Some things he puts on it have no purpose at all. He just puts them on the car for the sake of having them there.
Without his mustang, Matt would not know what to do. It has become his identity. If he should ever loses that car, who knows what might happen. Maybe he would return to his former self. The old Matt, not so concerned about a silly car which dominates his life.


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