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Bad Friends

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Bad Friends   by: Amber Ditmore
There are all kinds of bad friends. There are some who will come into a person’s life and quickly
leave. Some friends will be there for a lifetime. One type of friend is the bad friend. Bad friends are
those people who should be avoided, at all costs. Once they have found their place in someone’s life, it
is rare that they ever leave. They mooch and make life entirely miserable.
One type of bad friend is “The User.” This is the type of friend that only comes around when
there is something to offer him or her. This friend never calls just to chit-chat. They probably don’t even
care what is going on in their friend’s life. “The User” is only interested in what can be done for him or
her. This friend will call to borrow money, but will never pay the money back. He or she will ask for a
ride to work because their car is broke down. However, when their friend’s car is broke down and they
need a ride, this friend always has something else going on. “The User” never has any intention of
paying money back or helping out in any situation. He is very self involved, and literally could care less
about anyone but himself.
Another type of bad friend is “The Partier.” This type only comes around when there is a party.
He or she might call periodically to see what I planned for the night. If their friend’s plan is to sit around
and watch television, then that friend will not come over. However, if their friend tell him or her that
there is a party he or she will be there in a matter of seconds. This type is usually unemployed. This
friend’s life’s mission is to get drunk and terrorize other people’s houses.
The final type is “The Bragger.” “The Bragger” will only call when he or she has something to
brag about. If the bragger bought a new house, bought a new car, or got a great job promotion at work,
he or she will want everyone to know about it. However, the new house, the new car, or the promotion
have to...


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