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Private Schools Should Not Receive Funding

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Good evening. I am the second affirmative speaker, and I will be talking about the issues of how funding private schools only help a minority whilst disadvantaging a majority and how government funding should result in government control.

My first point will be how all the funding going private schools goes to a minority, thus disadvantaging a majority. Around 70% of students in Victoria attend public schools, a majority.   Therefore, why should parents whose children attend public schools pay for private schools when they already receive more funding? Most private schools would survive without funding from the government, and even though there is a minority who would be deeply affected by this, the majority would benefit from it.
Also, private schools operate like independent companies. The facilities of a private school are kept under control by the school administration, not the government. So, because these schools are independent, why are taxpayers pouring millions of dollars into their coffers when some state schools have to fundraise in order to pay their power bills? By boosting the quality of state education through improved funding is the way to put taxpayer’s money into good use.

My next point is how government funding should result in government control. Today, any facility funded by the government in Australia often results in government control. This means that the government supervises the use of the money and what it is used for. Therefore, why should private schools be an exception?
If a school is to receive funding, we should know what happens to the money, especially if the money is from the government. The public has the right to know where their money is being used. Public schools comply with this- as signs are often posted outside to the public about any resource constructions being made. Private schools however, do not. It is unfair not to know what is being used with our money at...


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