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Should the Government Fund Private Schools?

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To date government money has not been used to finance private schools in this country. It has been the contention of many to change this policy. I feel that this policy is correct. No government money should be used to finance private schools whether they are elite secular schools or religious schools.

In this country we believe that every child is entitled to an education from kindergarten through twelfth grade. That is why we have public schools which are open to everyone of every religion. If people are unhappy with the public schools they are free to send their children elsewhere however it is unfair to expect the government to fund the school of their choice. In the case of private secular schools it is unfair for government money to be given to schools that the majority of parents could not afford to send their children to.

One of the primary principles of which this country is founded on is the separation of church and state. To have government money used to fund religious schools is a slippery road that we should not go down.

If the government would start to fund religious schools there would be no end. Which religions? Judaism, Catholicism, Muslim, Buddhism, Hinduism, Scientology, Blue Sky religion, Purple Flower worshiping…..which religions should our Government sanction? Any group dissatisfied with the public school system can decide to open a private school funded by the Government under the guise of religion. Do we want the Government in the position to make decisions concerning which religions merit tax-payer dollars?

There are two reasons why people send their children to private religious schools. They want their children to have a religious education, but if that was the only reason, people could send their children to public school and religious school after-hours and on weekends. More importantly, people send their children to religious schools because they want their children to be in a supportive...


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