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Salute Your Solution

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Salute Your Solution
Multinational Companies (MNCs) set up headquarters/factories in developing Asian countries to expand on their businesses. The developing countries in Asia welcome the big and rich MNCs because of the economical benefits it does to the country such as more opportunity for employment. However, there are also negative impacts MNCs can have on the host countries. They are often on the hot seat for violating human rights among their workers, getting away from illegal actions, and other issues. To ensure that these problems never occur again, a practical solution has to be proposed.
A possible solution is to have a conference among the Asian host countries (not just the OECD countries) and MNCs, to come up with an agreement on a world standard regulation for multinational companies. They can have separate conferences on human rights, pollution, etc. and in the end come to a conclusion with one book of regulation. This means that there is only one set of rules every MNC has to follow in any host country. With different standards in different countries, some MNCs will take advantage of the more lenient regulations one host country has. Therefore, with the new regulation, every MNC can be evaluated equally and punished equally, if they did not follow the rules. This conference and group can be called the Association between Multinational Companies and Asian Host countries (AMCAH).
Some conferences like this one are not successful, like the Kyoto Protocol. Therefore, to make the regulation of AMCAH work, governments of the host countries have to be vigilant on the MNCs. They have to make sure that bribery is not taken and corruption does not occur. Now, it might be impossible to stop the bribery but if they have a strict punishment such as stopping all business in that country, the multinational companies will fear the consequence and bribery will not take place. If the governments and the companies give more effort in making this agreement work,...


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