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A Walk to Think

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College Entrance Essay: A Walk To Think

      Every once in a while, I take a walk and wonder about what life has in stored for me.   Thoughts devoured me of what seems to be some sort of a soft touch upon reality, thoughts of life both of past and present memories and sealed inside my future is a miniscule greatness waiting to be unraveled. Knowing that the outcome of my future lies on the efforts and decisions I make, I shall start now making the right decisions and do my best to be successful in school.   Not so long ago, I have decided to be a nurse. And from now on, I set that as my goal that I hope to accomplish.

      One cool morning during the summer, I woke up wanting to walk around the neighborhood, and I brought my dog along with me. It was a nice weather, peaceful, and just relaxing. As I started walking, I glanced at the big houses surrounding me and I thought to myself, “These people must be rich and successful.” Then after, I started to think about my future and my dreams. Questions quickly ran through my mind, “Will I have a big house such as these? Will I success or fail? What if I can’t do it?” But then I thought of what my dad once said that, “There is no failure, unless you didn’t try at all,” which I believe it to be true.

      I continued walking, I saw cracked roads and out of the blue the word “college” popped out of my mind and saw the similarities these two have, that going to college could be a bumpy road. Never in my life have I ever thought thoroughly about college, not until now. I’ve always thought of college as something for big adult people, something I don’t have to worry about until 5 years from now. But I realized that it’s time for me to grow up and be that big adult person and begin planning about it to get ready for the last journey of education.

      As I walked closer back home, I felt determined...


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