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Money Structure

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Accept v – to agree to receive, or to take, something offered – приймати, погоджуватись. To accept in payment for something – приймати в сплату за щось.
Assets n – property and possessions that can be accepted in settlement of the debt – майно, засоби. Syn. property, possessions.
Cash n – money in the form of coins and banknotes – готівка; монети та паперові гроші.
Currency n – money that is actually in use in a particular country – гроші; валюта. Syn. money.
Denomination n – class or unit based on quantity, value, or measure – вартість, номінал; купюра. Small/large denomination – банкнота/купюра малої/великої вартості; denomination of money – грошова купюра.
Denominator n – міра. Common denominator of value – загальноприйнята міра вартості.
Interest n – the money a person earns from keeping it in a bank account – відсоток, відсотковий дохід. To bear an interest – приносити відсоток.
Issue v – to put coins and banknotes into circulation – пускати в обіг.
Life expectancy – length of time something is likely to exist or function – середня тривалість життя. To have reasonable life expectancy – мати значну тривалість життя.
Measure n – standard on which something can be based – мірило, критерій. Measure of value – міра вартості.
Medium (pl. -s or media) n – means by which something is expressed – засіб. Medium of exchange – засіб обмін.
Store n – quantity of something kept available for use as needed – запас. Store of value – засіб збереження вартості.
Store v – to put aside or accumulate for future use – відкладати, накопичувати, запасати. Syn. to accumulate.
Swap something for something v – to give something in exchange for something else – обмінювати щось на щось. Syn. to exchange something for something.

People often say things like "he makes a lot of money". Despite this common understanding of the term, money is not income, and money is not wealth. Before getting a formal definition of money it is important...


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