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Human Resource Management 6

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Describe the role of HR management in preventing sexual harassment.
In this case study the Harrison Family Practice Center (HFPC) has been involved in a sexual harassment case.   The case involved a few of the females employed at HFPC receiving un welcomed sexual advances to include sexual innuendos, provocative comments and jokes from at least three of the HFPC physicians. HFPC’s attorneys stated that the females participated in the sexual advances and did not tell the physicians that their behaviors made them feel uneasy or that the behaviors were creating an offensive work environment. However, many of the females who were fired stated that they expressed their concerns to the HFPC’s administrative management but nothing was done to stop the harassment (Flynn, Mathis, & Jackson, 2007, p. 80).
The role of human resource (HR) management in preventing sexual harassment is to understand the laws, take actions to avoid sexual harassment and to be prepared to deal with any complaints that may arise in an appropriate and timely manner. The HR management at HFPC should have had a policy in place that clearly states what sexual harassment is and how it can be prevented. The policy should state that disciplinary action will be taken to include immediate termination if sexual harassment is evident (Johnson, 2008). Also needed is a grievance and complaint process that will allow employees to make complaints and will allow HR to take immediate and suitable action when complaints arise.   There should be trainings for employees and upper management on how to avoid sexual harassment (Flynn, Mathis, & Jackson, 2007, p. 71). By having a sexual harassment policy, training employees and taking prompt action when a complaint is made will help to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace (Johnson, 2008).  

Develop a plan for HFPC, going forward, to eliminate sexual harassment issues.


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