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"Sometimes I wonder, then I stop 'cause it scares me" - Philipk31

The Most Scared Moment

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“I’m strong boy and threre are nothing really scaring to me”-Its was a innocent thought of an 10 aged boy. I was very brave and I though it’s enough to be an aldult until one day. There was a horror film on HBO called ‘the dead’. My mother warned me that the film had a lot of bloody and frightening scenes and I’better not to watch it.However, with the big pride of a child, I put what she talked aside and started enjoying
At first, the film was interesting. It talked about an old clock in a big palace. A group of students was on a trip to discover remote land and decided to stay in the palace for a few day. By accident, they found the clock ,made it run.Then, A lot of strang things happed. The palace didn’t survived in its old shape but changed into very huge chamber including room next to room and puzzling ways links them. More over, after each 5’, the minute stocks aims a new integer ; the clock will lock the door of one room, opens new door and put freedom on an ancient monster. It was left a thousand years hungry.therefore, It by any way tries to find the people and….
I haved talked that time I was only 10 years boy with simple imaginative brain. So, all the terroble action seemed to get beyond my daily life, games and comics.I couldn’t tolerate. The first time I saw the men running , I did make sense to have the fellings in common.My breath was more difficult, my heart beated twice and my eye opened widely to focus on the TV screen. To make the matter worse, in a long silent time, every thing were kept quiet annoyingly .The monster hide itself in the dark, staring at its preys in the most calm ever. It would wait until the man was exhausted entirely and lost the control or accepted to be it’s food .From the corner of a big room, I sheltered myself in blankets and lot’s my father ‘s clother.They would my only way to protect my self from the threats. The door of my room opened . The wind outside blowed through it and made strange sounds. The sky was dark. If my...


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