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Traffic Hazards

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Traffic Hazards

Modern Health Hazards or dangers arising from man-made circumstances threaten the wellbeing of humans’ environment. Traffic, if not managed properly according to law, can cause mental and physiological health problems and sometimes even accidents.

Traffic situation in Pakistan and particularly in metropolitan city Karachi is getting worse with each passing day. Vehicles are increasing exponentially while roads and infrastructure are not maintained up to standards. Due to this, heavy traffic jams can be observed almost every day. It gives all of us a bad temper and headache in the morning. It definitely causes time and energy loss.

Most of public transport vehicles are old and damaged. Their seating is very bad and passengers travel in very abrupt situation. Passengers are loaded above the seating capacity of vehicles. Ladies and gents are pushed in the cart and transporters do not feel any social responsibility. Due to the overloaded buses, many boys find no way but to travel hanging on the doorstep of the bus.

Increase in number of vehicles is one of the major reasons of increased air pollution by gaseous wastes from vehicles. It can endanger human health and welfare of plants and animals, or can attack materials, reduce visibility, or produce undesirable odors. Carbon monoxide, emitting from automobiles, if inhaled in excess can cause lung problems, loss of oxygen in the blood & finally cause death.

Pressure horns are nowadays very common in Karachi. They create noise pollution.   Noise, by definition, is unwanted sound. It may be annoying; it may interfere with speech communication, relaxation. It may result in hearing loss by causing damage to the cochlea in the inner ear.

There are numerous reasons for traffic congestion in the city such as road construction without any traffic diversion plan, increased number of vehicles, encroachments, out of order signals, lack of civic sense.

Solving traffic related issues is certainly...


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