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Teenage Prenancy

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Beth was pregnant several years ago when she was a high school senior. When their first child Eddie was born, Beth and Scott were ready for parenthood. But before she had Eddie, Beth had another child. Here she talks about that pregnancy and the difficult decision to place him up for adoption.

"It was the week after my 16th birthday that I first thought that I was pregnant. I tried to ignore the whole idea, but as time went on, I knew I was indeed pregnant. I was scared to death to say anything to anybody.
I was at least four months pregnant before I even told Sam. We were still dating, but by then I knew things weren't going to work out between us. He told me I should get an abortion -- he even offered to pay for it-- but it was too late for the suction method, and besides, I just didn't feel right about that.
So I wore baggy clothes and hoped no one would notice. A couple of months later -- I must have been at least 6 months pregnant -- my Mom got a good side view of me as I was going out one evening. The next morning she said,"You're pregnant, aren't you?"
I said,"No." I just couldn't tell her or my father beacuase I knew it would kill them.
"Well I know you are," she replied.
So she cried and I cried...Then she made an appointment for me to see our doctor.
I told her i didn't want to continue school where I was, but neither did I want to go to the special school in our district. It had a pretty bad reputation. After a lot of discussion with her and my Dad, we decided to talk to our close friends, Alice and Bob, who had recently moved from our neighborhood to a new home about 80 miles away. I used to babysit a lot for them.
Alice and Bob told us they had heard about a good school program for pregnant studentsin their district. They suggested I enroll in this school and live with them until I delivered. So I moved in with them the next week. My Mom told my friends I was visiting my cousin in Arizona. Suprisingly we pulled it off. Most of my friends...


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