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With the development of Chinese economy, the living standard of people is increasing. People earn much more than they did ten years ago. As a result, the personal consumption is raised. Now Chinese people could afford private cars, computers, iphones and villas. Also they wait in the queue outside Louis Vitton and Gucci every day, all over the world. It is true that people have right to enjoy with money of their own, but thrift should still be encouraged today.

To begin with, thrift is an important virtue. There is an ancient Chinese saying that   “Being thrift leads to success and luxury, failure”, which educates us to avoid extravagance throughout our life. From ancient to modern times, the thrifty people are all well praised. Zhu di, the emperor in Ming dynasty, is regarded as one of the greatest leaders in Chinese history. And he was well known by his thrift. It is said that he had worn an old imperial yellow robe for more than ten years and didn’t allow his concubines to wear luxury jewelries even though he was the richest in the whole country. In addition, Warren Buffet, the world’s most successful investor, persists in taking economy class on the air plane. They all have set living models for us.

Along with keeping the traditional virtue, thrift is encouraged because of the present economic condition. Although personal income has considerably increased, the commodity prices are also rocketing. In fact, Chinese people have been suffering from inflation since five years ago. According to statistics released by Economists, ten years ago Chinese citizens bought five hundreds grams beef for five or six yuan. Now they have to buy beef for twenty or more yuan. That is to say, to purchase the same commodity, we should pay twice or four times than three years ago. The currency now is worthless than before. Actually, most people’s income is just enough for their daily use although it looks like that they earn much more money. So we should still encourage thrift....


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